Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Book review: Imitation (Clone Chronicles #1) by Heather Hildenbrand

Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me.

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. 

Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has never needed Ven . . . until now.

When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?

I received a free ARC from Netgalley in return for a review.

Cloning seems to be a pretty popular thing in YA sci-fi in the last few years, and like every other trend, with the oversaturation, there’s always going to be hits and misses.  In this case, I think Imitation was just average.  There were some interesting ideas in this book and if it was really all that bad, I wouldn’t have been afraid to not finish it.

Unfortunately, it really is mediocre to a little below average.  There are things that don’t connect with each other like I’m seeing an older draft in some parts and they forgot to change things to line up with the new direction.  Not to mention that the ARC I received was really poorly formatted so as to distract me from the story at times, which I hope was fixed in the final version.

My biggest complaint is probably where the book ended.  Without giving any spoilers, it was one of those ones that clearly is leading into the next book, but I hate series book endings where there isn’t any actual closure.  Pretty much nothing is resolved and they’d just found out about some things and suddenly, the end.

If I got the chance I might read the next book just to see how it goes, but eh. This one is take it or leave it.

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